Forum Title: Baselines for Quoting Jobs
I am hoping you guys wouldn't mind sharing this information. I am about to purchase my first machine and plan to start re-striping soon, with new layouts in the future, but I need to get the math right before I pull the trigger. I have found a few websites describing something along $4 per stall and $25 per stencil, but I was hoping someone would like to give me realistic numbers to quote. I live in the Houston area and I don't mind working cheap for the first several jobs. Thank you in advance for any advice.
Category: Paving Post By: BECKY ROJAS (Topeka, KS), 12/08/2019

I'm new around here and don't want to step out of line.....There's a lot of variables on price. Distance to travel, size of lot, cleanliness and condition of lot, type of stencils, competition, area of country, price of paint, night work or day work, ect. I'm not sure anyone here will give you a price list, but I will say that what you have a read is a starting point. I would encourage you NOT to work too cheaply unless you know that you won't do a good job. Otherwise, do a good job and charge accordingly. Smaller lots are going to be a minimum for everyone. I would start there so that you can begin to get an understanding of the work required, paint required, and the equipment required. Hope that helps!

- Michael Jordan (Chicago, IL), 01/31/2020

I’m a field guy and don’t do a ton of work with the numbers. However what machine did you get? Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the striping or machine workings.

- JO JOSEPH (Sunrise, FL), 01/31/2020

Thank you for responding. I do plan to grow my business with high quality work with every job. The first jobs may be a little rough, but I won't leave till they are satisfied with the product. You said that smaller lots are a minimum. Would that mean a minimum price? Would $300 be a reasonable minimum? Thank you again for your response.

- TAMMY WOOD (Rio Rancho, NM), 01/31/2020

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